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Naval Diesel - Shipping Industry

Diesel injection components and reconditioning of fuel pumps and injectors for ships

For the shipping industry we carry a stock of injection components fpor over 200 different types of fuel injection systems in use on 2 and 4 stroke marine engines. Our components are already heat treated and ready for rectification.

Our close collaboration with market leaders in titanium nitride coatings and tungsten carbonitride coatings means that we can deliver components with special wear resistant and anticorrosive coatings within days.

For ships undergoing work in the Port of Genoa we can completely dismount, recondition, refit and calibrate the fuel pumps and injectors on the vessels' engines in 5 to 6 days.


Diesel Injection Reconditioning
Diesel Injection Reconditioning
Shipping Sector
Shipping Sector

Shipping Industry

reconditioning fuel injection pumps Pielstick PC4
Complete workshop reconditioning
fuel injection pumps Pielstick PC4
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